Report a Repair

If your repair is an emergency, please do not report it online.

Emergency repairs are where health and safety or the security of a property is at risk and we aim to complete them within a maximum of 24 hours. Click here for more information.

Town & Country residents
Call 01892 501480 (option 1) for emergency repairs

Love Living Home residents
Call 01892 501490 (option 4) for emergency repairs

To report a non-emergency repair, please click next.


MyHomeOnline is designed to make life easier; you can now message the team directly online, rather than spending extra time on the phone. When you log in you can manage and check your rent and service charge account, report and track your repairs and get updates on any improvements or replacements planned for your home.  

You will need your Tenancy Reference Number to confirm your online account. We need this to match you on our system and complete a security check.

Please note the email address you use to sign into MyHomeOnline will be used as your correspondence email and will override any other email address held in your account.

So that we can find your details in our system, please provide the following information:

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